NAEC is the largest vertical transportation Convention and Exposition in North America providing access to major suppliers and educational opportunities.

NAEC’s Annual Exposition draws elevator industry professionals from around the globe to one location. With an average attendance of 2,000 and nearly 200 exhibitors, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your product in front of them at the largest vertical transportation event in North America. Exhibiting companies and products range from commercial, residential and freight elevators, accessibility products, dumbwaiters, escalators, business services and more. Your business advantage over your non‐exhibiting competitors will quickly be realized in the return on your investment. Click HERE if you are interested in exhibiting.

CategoryPercentage of Attendees by Position
Contractor / Mechanic 68%
Industry Supplier 17%
Consultant 8%
Elevator Inspector 3%
Building Owner / Manager 3%
Other 1%

Below is a list of the 2017 Exhibitors:

ACCESS Elevator & Electric Supply
Adams Elevator Equipment Company
Advance Carbon Products
Advance Welding Service Inc.
AFD Industries, Inc.
Alliance Elevator Solutions
ALP Industries, Inc.
Automated Integration
Automatisation JRT, Inc
Beta Control s.r.o.
Brugg Lifting
Cambridge Architectural
Cambridge Elevating Inc.
Canton Elevator, Inc.
CareHawk Inc.
CED Elevator Supply
Claddagh Electronics Ltd.
Cobbs Allen
Columbia Elevator Products
Concept Elevator Group
Connor & Gallagher
Custom Elevator Manufacturing. Co., Inc.
David Weber Oil Co.
Delaware Elevator Manufacturing
Dupar Controls, Inc.
ECS Corporation
EHC Global
Eklunds, Inc.
Electrical Motor Repair Co.
Electro-Mech Industries (EMI)
Electronic Controls, Inc.
Elevation Innovation
Elevator Dynamics, LLC
Elevator Equipment Corporation (EECO)
Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF)
Elevator Motors Corporation
Elevator Parts & Solutions LLC
Elevator Products Corporation (EPCO)
Elevator Research & Mfg. Corp. (ERM)
Elevator Systems Inc.
Elevator World
Elevators EV International
ELGO Electronic, Inc.
ELSCO (Elevator Safety Company)
EMS Group, Inc.
Expert Service Solutions
Fixture Company,The
Flavesco Inc.
Formula Systems North America, Inc.
GAL Canada Elevator Products Corporation
GAL Manufacturing Corp.
Gorman Co., Inc.
Hidral USA, Inc.
Hilliard Brake Systems
Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corporation
I.T.I. Hydraulik
iBusiness Technologies
IG V Elevator US, Inc.
Imperial Electric
Inclinator Company of America
Innovation Industries, Inc.
Integrated Display Systems Inc.
International Steel & Counterweights
IRTronix Inc.
James Monroe Wire & Cable Corp.
JM Associates/Burnham + Co a Division of HUB International NE
KEB America, Inc.
Kings III Emergency Communications
KONE Spares
Laird Plastics
Lift Business Advisors, Inc.
Lift Solutions, Inc.
Lift-U Division of Hogan Mfg., Inc.
LWI Elevator Panel Co.
Machine Room Guarding
MAD Elevator, Inc.
Magnetek, Inc.
Man-D-Tec, Inc.
Mathis Electronics, Inc.
Matot, Inc.
MEI - Total Elevator Solutions
MK Battery
Mongrain Vertical Transport Inc.
Monitor Elevator Products, LLC
Monteferro America
Motion Control Engineering (MCE)
National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)
National Elevator Cab & Door Corp.
National Fixtures USA
Nationwide Lifts
Northeast Lock Corp
Palmer Pads (W.E. Palmer Co)
Parts Specialists, Inc.
Peelle Company
PFlow Industries, Inc.
Phoenix Modular Elevator
Plymouth Engineered Shapes
Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC
Porta, Inc.
Precision Lift Industries
Precision Stairlifts
Quality Elevator Products, Inc.
Residential Elevators
Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics Inc.
Ring Communications, Inc.
Schaefer Elevator Components, Inc.
Schumacher Elevator Company
SCS Elevator Products Inc.
Siemens Corporation
Site Service Software, Inc.
Smart Elevator Tech, LLC
Spano Fastening Systems
Sprecher + Schuh
Titan Machine Corp.
Tri-Tronics Company
Truxes Company
Unitec Parts Company
Vator Accessories, Inc.
Vertical Express
Vertitron Midwest, Inc.
Victaulic Company
Virginia Controls, Inc.
Wachendorff Automation GmbH
Waupaca Elevator Company, Inc.
WECO Elevator Products LTD
Wessex Lift Co Ltd
Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd.
Wirerope Works, Inc.
Woodfold Mfg., Inc.
WORLD electronics
Wurtec, Inc.